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Nothing but the best.

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Experience. It's that simple. 
Knowing how to and when not to. Seeing what's right and what's best for the customer. A love of the creative process as well as a deep desire to produce the best. And having the resources to work with the best. That is theSHEPPARDgroup. That's Le Sheppard.

Let us lead you where you want to go.

Le Sheppard -
an Artist with a Pen, a Brush and a Mouse
Passion ...
Simply put - creation. My passion is to create. A company, a design, a concept, a song, or a process that flows. My work, my best work has always been when I am allowed and able to create. From my days as an art student to my songwriter years into my digital artistry - my simple passion was to create. I still find myself searching for new ways to create.
Who is Le Sheppard ...
Digital Artist with 25 years experience in every level of the print, publishing, and the creative industry (from management to speed print to prepress to design). Detail oriented with client relations experience, computer skills and creative insight. Demonstrated success in productivity improvement, client service, sales and meeting deadlines. An artist with enthusiasm for client satisfaction and corporate success. With all my vast experience in design, hi-end production, prepress, system management and beyond, I bring to the creative and business table a true sense and understanding of creativity and all the processes, not only in the design/artist eye for detail and style, but in problem solving, project and personnel management as well.
Skills ...
Art ...
A "creative eye" in the work environment developed through 25 years of dealing with the public, music and art clients. Art background in pencil, pen and ink, charcoal, pastels, watercolor and oils.
Digital ...
Digital Artistry. Hands-on experience with Macintosh and PC computers using the following applications: QuarkXPress, Illustrator, Photoshop, FreeHand, PageMaker, Systems, Scanning, FileMaker, and Microsoft Word.
Client Service ...
Sales, promotion, office management, marketing, expenditures and customer liaison services.
History ...
Education ...
Desktop Publishing
1989  Berkeley Corporation
Bala Cynwyd PA
Management and Sales
1989-90  The Advancement Group's
"Personal & Professional Goal Setting" and
AAIís "Professional Selling Skills"
Fine Arts
1981-83  Montgomery County Community
College (drawing) and Plymouth-Whitemarsh
Evening classes (painting, drawing)
Work History ...
Presently ... 

TSGSPORTS - 6.03 to present
Custom Sports Products and Design
Newtown, PA, Owner / Digital Artistry
Soccer Ball Manufacture - 10.99 - 5.03
Creative Services Manager
Web, design, production, management - 60K
Langhorne PA
...The creative link in the entire process / Managing and producing ball designs
...Webmaster - design, maintain the web site, the web infrastructure
...Managing and producing all marketing materials / Managing sales support
...Managing and producing advertising materials / Running operations and production
...Ordering and proofing working with domestic and overseas suppliers
Allegra Print and Imaging - 99
Creative Services/Prepress Manager - 55K
Langhorne PA
DiMark / Harte Hanks - 97 thru 99
Langhorne PA, Digital Prepress Artist - freelance digital artist
Neibauer Press - 97
Creative Services/Prepress Manager, Warminster PA  215.322.6200
ECI - 97
Digital Prepress Artist, Edgewater NJ  201.941.6906
Eagle Affiliates, Inc. - 96
Creative Services Manager, Harrison NJ  201.482.1222
Freelanced at
CyberShop (web art) Montclair NJ
Miles Associates (multimedia art) Montclair NJ
The Cherokee Group (design) East Brunswick NJ
Geraghty & Roman, Inc. - 95
Systems / Production Manager - 45K
Clients: Sunshine, Tyco, APlus.
East Brunswick NJ
theSHEPPARDgroup - 90 thru 95 (see below)
System Consultant, Instruction & Design
Spring House PA
Berkeley Corporation - 89 thru 90
Instructor - instructed software including 
QXP, PM, Illustrator, FHD, System Software. 
Supervised computer labs and scheduled classes. 
Also hardware and software maintenance, 
network management and troubleshooting.
Also promotional design work.
Bala Cynwyd PA
MUSIC - 74 thru 90
Le Records & Le Sheppard Publishing
(BMI Publishing) Songwriter, performer,
producer - Writing, producing, packaging and selling original music.
theSHEPPARDgroup ...

(90-95) For several years I worked as a consultant/designer for small businesses and international firms, while managing a network of specialists interlinked only by the need of the client. Together, each of us was able to offer more to our individual clients with the help of those on the network, theSHEPPARDgroup. From concept to creation to product Nothing but the best.
theSHEPPARDgroup clients
Thomas J Paul Produced work for Nabisco, M&M/Mars, Johnson & Johnson, Arm & Hammer & Rocco/Shady Brook Products. Plus, Systems Consultant.
Curt Crane Productions Photo manipulation for TV commercial spot.
VT Graphics Digital artwork for corrugated printing plates. Plus, taught design staff ILL, QXP and PHS. Also consulted Systems.
Serody/Crane Associates Taught staff Ill, QXP & PHS. Plus, Systems Consultant.
Merck & Co Produced a prototype cataloging system for logos and artwork and produced hi-end digital illustrations.
Alli Design
Susan Beard Design
Promotional design work. 
Plus, Systems Consultant.
PCI Group Slide production
CompUSA Taught QXP on the Mac/PC
Apollo Design Taught QXP on the PC
Other clients in Production and Design
Cavanaugh Communications
Letven Diccicco & Battista
Roska Direct Marketing
Kaufman Advertising
CEL0057 / FrightX
Fencor Graphics

References ...
More references provided upon request
Yale Rieck - Harmony Web, Inc.
Office 847.853.9974
Cell 847.209.6631
Sarah Thomas - Hempfield Soccer Club
Tournament Director, 717/397-5248 phone - 717/397-0662 fax
Mike Fryer - Soccer America
Business Development Associate
510/559-2219 phone
510/528-5177 fax
Priscilla Applegate
Creative Director, Applegate Advertising Design
Nothing but the best at theSHEPPARDgroup. Let us lead you where you want to go. Email us at or call us at 215.860.6208. Digital Artistry at it's best.
Creative Digital Design Creative Performance Soccer Digital Artist Design Bucks County Newtown Wrightstown PA. theSHEPPARDgroup. Le Sheppard

Nothing but the best at theSHEPPARDgroup. Let us lead you where you want to go. Email us at or call us at 215.860.6208. Digital Artistry at it's best.
Creative Digital Design Creative Performance Soccer

"Art is anything made by man that can withstand the storms of time"
Stuart Yost, Plymouth-Whitemarsh Art Instructor

"A painter paints pictures on canvas. But musicians paint their pictures on silence"
Leopold Stokowski

"More than any time in recent history, America's destiny is not of our own choosing. We did not seek nor did we provoke an assault on our freedom and our way of life. We did not expect nor did we invite a confrontation with evil. Yet the true measure of a people's strength is how they rise to master that moment when it does arrive - The streets of heaven are too crowded with angels, but every time we think we have measured our capacity to meet a challenge, we look up and we're reminded that that capacity may well be limitless. This is a time for American heroes. We will do what is hard. We will achieve what is great. This is a time for American heroes and we reach for the stars"
Aaron Sorkin, West Wing ("20 Hours in America": I & II; aired September 25, 2002)

"Only those who will risk going too far can possibly find out how far one can go"
T.S. Eliot

"Imagination is more important than knowledge"
Albert Einstein

"Faith is taking the first step even when you don't see the staircase"
Martin Luther King, Jr.